8 February 2011 0 Comments

Interesting Ideas for Bars and Restaurants

Repeated objects displayed symetrically are so dramatic - In this case at Dublins "The Market Bar" they display wooden shoe moulds to great effect. I'm always looking for new ideas. Here are a variety of interesting features for bars and restaurants.

I love this black and white group of framed graphics all a little bit different from each other but with an overall likeness.

This elegant bronze pendant is beautifully made and would be perfect for a classic interior. It's by Michaelanastassiades.

One of my favourite things to do is to pare back traditional and contemporize it. This example shows traditional paneling painted white with plain white plates. The plates are traditional in shape but have no detail. Looks crisp and fresh to me!

When is a chandelier not a chandelier? Well these contemporary chandeliers from Ochre are definitely chandeliers even though their droplets have been modernized!

OK these chairs are quirky and I'm not sure if I like the floor design but they sure do create drama!

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